Area Rug Cleaning


Protect Your Investment

A clean and beautiful rug can literally transform the look of a room, demanding attention and providing an amazing tie to the rest of your furnishings. A dirty rug, however, does exactly the opposite, bringing the look and appeal of the entire room down.

Steamin Beemon is the best in the industry. A gentle and effective rug cleaning is one of the best steps you can take towards a healthy and vital home. Rugs are generally in the highest traffic areas of your home; therefore, they have a higher content of grime and allergens. You will be amazed by the results of Steamin Beemon; the look and luster once provided by your rug will be restored and bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to your home. Most of the time, your area rugs will need to be cleaned off site.


3M Scotchgard Protection

Once your carpet is professionally cleaned, you might think everything is good until the next time you call Steamin Beemon to handle your high traffic areas. While we do appreciate the business, we also recommend taking the time to have your carpets protected in addition to cleaned to ensure optimal results for prevention of ground in dirt and grime.

Steamin Beemon uses the highest quality carpet protection and floor sealants, including 3M ScotchgardTM Carpet Protection and DuPont TeflonĀ® Protection to maintain that clean look and prevent future spills and stains from setting. We strongly suggest this service for the continued maintenance of your carpet and floors. This protection helps repel ground-in dirt and tough stains from surfacing again. We are a leading company in carpet cleaning, and provide professional, courteous service. Service GUARANTEED each and every time.

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